On graduation day from high school, most students have a plan for what will happen next. Students with different abilities have the same right to be fully prepared for their future.

Abilities of Northwest Jersey, Inc. has provided successful support services and has assisted students with different abilities with school to work transition for more than 25 years.

Student Transition Services are available to all special needs students 14 years of age and older referred by their school district.  Students are provided individualized, person-centered services designed to meet their needs, strengths, preferences and interests.

Career Planning and Pre-Vocational Services: 

  • Vocational Evaluation: This is a short-term service that assists students in identifying work preferences, capabilities, and aptitudes in order to provide useful information toward developing vocational plans.  Standardized testing and assessment inventories are used to determine performance levels, relative strengths, functional limitations, interests and vocational potential.
  • Career Scope Aptitude/Interest Testing
  • Vocational Counseling:  Facilitating vocational direction with career decision making and planning.
  • Electronic Recycling Skill Training: SustainAbilities™ recycles electronics and other materials while providing training and employment opportunities to person with disabilities.
  • Print Services Skill Training: Abilities Screen Printing and Embroidery offers a skill training opportunity in a retail setting. Students learn customer service skills and job coaching support.


Star services provide individuals with the opportunity to develop their job readiness with classroom soft skill training, internships and community based career exploration opportunities, job coaching and supported employment supports and support in pursuing post-secondary education at Warren County Community College or a college of their choice.

Community Employment Services:

  • Community Based Job Sampling - This is a time-limited service that provides students the opportunity to explore a variety of employment options.  This type of work experience is beneficial in assessing interests, functioning level in various work environments, supports needed and opportunities available.
  • Job Development and Placement - This service provides individualized assistance in   identifying interests, career opportunities, support needs and job matching.
  • Job Coaching Services -  A student that is employed may receive individualized training on the job and long term follow along services.
  • Follow-along Services -  A minimum of two visits per month will be provided by the Employment Specialist to assure employee satisfaction, employer satisfaction, job performance, coordination of any support services needed and advancement opportunities.

Career Planning and Employment:

  • Trial Work Experience - Purpose of trial work experience is to gain an undrstanding of the individuals abilites, capabilities, and capacity to perform in a real work setting.  Trial work experience will determin if the individual will benefit from Vocational Rehabilitation Services and achieve an employment outcome.
  • Community Employment - Students can participate in career planning and job sampling/career exploration activities within their community.  Job development, application assistance, job coaching, and long term follow along support services are available when the student is ready to secure employment.
  • Prevocational Training - Provided in a structured supervised setting in order to develop appropriate work habits, behaviors, interpersonal skills, stamina and improved work performance.  Students can be engaged in contract packaging, electronic recycling, hydroponic and print service skill training.
  • Structured Learning Experience - Students can participate in our Star Program, a soft-skill classroom instruction, internship and community based career exploration.

Day Program Services:

"...Joe has come a long way.  He has gained the confidence, he is social and he has purpose...." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE from Joe's Mom

Joe's Story of Success can be found HERE

Important Links:

Click here to download or print the 2020 Graduates Aging Out of the School System: Accessing Adult Services from the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities

Students graduate with confidence and are prepared for their future.

For questions regarding Student Transition Services email transition@abilitiesnw.com or call (908) 689-7460.