Individual Support Services

Caring for a child with a disability is a unique experience, and finding the right supports and assistance to meet your family’s needs can be challenging.  At Abilities of Northwest Jersey, we provide Individual Support Services for children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities.   Services are provided in the comfort of your home or community by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.  Our team of Supervisors and Direct Support Staff are committed to providing individualized supports that meet your family’s needs.

How can Abilities help your family?

Our staff will work side-by-side with you, your child and your family to develop a strength-based program that will meet your child’s specific needs. Some essential skills needed to acquire independence within the home may include:
• Bathing and showering
• Dressing
• Eating
• Personal hygiene and grooming (i.e. washing hair, brushing teeth)
Our staff will identify your child’s strengths and needs and implement positive behavioral supports to effectively increase independence.  Staff will provide evidence-based programs that have proven effective in supporting the achievement of skills.

Transitional Support- Ages (16-20)

In addition to providing basic skills for ADL’s, adolescents can be provided with essential skills to help transition to adulthood and live independently in their community. 
Some examples include:
• Housework
• Taking medications as prescribed
• Managing money
• Shopping for groceries or clothing
• Meal planning and preparation
• Use of telephone or other forms of communication
• Using technology (as applicable)
• Transportation within the community

Who is eligible for Individual Support Services (ISS)?

ISS was established for children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 20 who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and are facing challenges functioning at home and/or in the community. This program is funded by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.  Your child must be determined eligible for DDD/CSOC to receive services: to determine eligibility for Individual Support Services contact your current care manager, local Care Management Organization (CMO) or PerformCare (877-652-7624).   MRSS (Mobile Response Stabilization Services) can also make referrals for Individual Support Services.   If you would prefer that Abilities of Northwest Jersey work with your family, you may request to have us provide your services.

How to obtain Individual Support Services (ISS)

• If you think this service is right for your child and family, contact your care manager at your county Care Management Office (CMO) or PerformCare.  Tell them you are interested in the ISS program and would like Abilities of Northwest Jersey to provide your services.
• Once you have received a referral from your care manager and an authorization from the PerformCare System, Abilities will arrange a meeting with a Support Technician.  The Support Technician will conduct an in-home assessment with you and your child and develop an individualized plan of care.  Once the plan of care is completed, it will be submitted to your Care Manager and PerformCare for review.
• Once your plan is approved by PerformCare and depending on the level of need, your child could be approved for as many as 10 hours of direct support services per week for a designated period of time.   When the agency is notified of your approved hours, we will contact you to determine a schedule that works for you and your family.  You will also be matched with an Individual Support Technician who will be providing the Individual Support Services.

For more information on Home Based Services, email: or call (908) 689-1118.